Top Reasons To Switch To E-Cigarettes

It is true smoking of tobacco is associated with several dangers. Moreover, tobacco contains thousands of chemicals. There are various benefits you can enjoy when you switch to e-cigarettes. These devices are meant to replace traditional smoking. The good thing about them is that they are safe. You can get your perfect match from the top electronic cigarettes for 2016. The following are some reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes.

Reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes

Fewer chemicalssmoking woman

E-cigs contain very few chemicals. Moreover, the remaining chemicals are safe and healthy to use. Traditional ones contain thousands of chemicals. For instance, they contain about 100 known carcinogens. These are substances that cause cancer. When you use e-cigs, you get your nicotine hit without worrying about cancer.

Save money

According to experts, one cartridge of an e-cigarette contains about an equal amount of nicotine as 20 cigarettes. Fortunately, you are getting five cartridges for the same price as one pack of cigarettes. This is true if you live in areas that have the cheapest tobacco. Therefore, cost-savings, in this case, are very clear.


These e-cigs are pretty futuristic. Thus, you will not be forced to take a particular brand. There are several of them out there on the market. Moreover, new companies are coming up and introducing new brands onto the market.

Choose your strength

You should note that not all electronic cigarettes contain an equal level of nicotine. You will get varying strengths depending on what you need. Therefore, you can start at a high level and work down as you adjust your cravings. You can continue this way until you quit smoking.

Delicious flavors

E-cigarettes come in different flavors. Thus, you get the nicotine and flavor. Unlike in the traditional ones where you get an irritating smell. Thus, you can enjoy it in vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, and even in a pina colada. You are free to explore different flavors and find those you enjoy.

Just like smoking

These deviceman vapings are meant to replicate smoking sensation. In this way, you can accomplish your goals of quitting smoking. In fact, you get smoke-like vapor and hit at back of the throat when you inhale. Some brands have cigarette-like butts.

Avoid smoking bans

You should note that vaping is different from smoking. This implies that it is only heating and no combustion. Thus, they are not covered by smoking bans. You are free to use them anywhere, anytime.

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