Benefits of Receiving and Sending fax Through Gmail

Sending and receiving faxes has become very popular in modern days because it is easier, faster, and affordable. This service has played a significant role in getting rid of the numerous problems that people used to face with fax machines. In addition to this, this service has significantly reduced the used of papers in the business field. It has also created a technological and social environment that saves time.

Registered users can easily send or receive faxes as long as long as they have personal computers or smartphones, and internet connection. Gmail fax service support amazing features that make it beneficial for both personal correspondences and companies. The following are the main benefits associated with Gmail faxing that its users need to understand.

Portability of Faxing


Online Gmail fax service is considered as portable because people can send or receive faxes through their mobile devices. Its users get instant notifications whenever they receive or send faxes online. The faxing service via phones is free and very convenient. This service has helped many people and organizations to save money and time. Its portability is one of the main benefits that people enjoy when sending faxes. Its free service is helpful in saving money and time since its users do not have to rush to their fax machines at their homes or offices to send or receive faxes.

Quality and Clarity of Documents

With Gmail fax services, registered users can receive high-quality and clear documents. This has eliminated the need for scanning documents when sending faxes. Sending documents directly from your computer is helpful in retaining the color of your images and perfect clarity when sending documents. In addition to this, this service is compatible with existing fax machines meaning it can be used in sending high-quality images.


This is another major benefit associated with free Gmail service. Users can print documents that they need instead of printing the entire documents. This is different from the fax machine which makes it difficult for the user to separate the information that they receive. You can save money and time by printing only the relevant documents making this service very convenient.

Can Send Different Types of Image Formats

With this service, images are converted into other formats that the user wants to send. Its users are not limited to specific image formats like what happens with fax machines.…

How to Send a Fax from Gmail

You can now send your faxes via Gmail. HelloFax is a new application offered by Google Chrome. The application is meant to enhance and expand Google Chrome document handling abilities. Anyone with a Gmail account can create and store digital faxes in Google Drive. The documents created can be sent through fax on the new HelloFax application. For one to send a fax from Gmail, they must have a Gmail account and an online Fax Number. Discussed below is a procedural guideline on how to send a fax from Gmail.


Choosing a Web-based fax Companygreen icons

It is advisable to go for a company that best suits your account. The company is responsible for handling all the incoming and outgoing email to fax google messages. Some companies do offer free fax promotions like the Ringfax that allow one to fax at no cost for one month.

Sign Into Gmail and Compose Mail

Google products are always listed under one Google username. In the drop menu, there is Drive’ found at the top of the list. One can create new or upload already created mail by clicking on the orange button. After creating a mail, it can then be saved to Google Drive documents. Instead of downloading it, one can choose to view it online.

Download an  App

Hellofax is among the apps used to send fax messages from Gmail. This app is available at There is a button that requests to sign in with Google account. One can also create new HelloFax account then link it to their Google Drive. Once the app is installed, it can access the user’s Google Drive documents.

Sending the fax

Whengoogle sending an email message, one inputs the email address of the recipient. when using the fax, the fax number is entered instead. When entering the number, there are no dashes or spaces needed. Fax numbers start and then the company name in the end. The subject of the fax is the message to be added. One can type any message they need to pass across. The user can then be instructed to how to send gmail fax after selecting the document to send from the saved files. In the case of any adjustments to the fax, it can be edited before posting. Sometimes one may need to scan and upload their signature to their HelloFax account. As such, it enables one to sign their documents digitally before sending. One can send documents in the form of pdfs, word, scanned photos and more.


Top advantages of using Gmail faxing services

Most people have thought that with the introduction of email services fax services got distinct. But this is not right because fax services have instead undergone great advancement because the faxes can now be sent through the internet using Gmail. Gmail has enabled the sending of faxes to be easy and convenient. You can check how to receive fax on gmail to get information on the step to step procedure of receiving and sending a fax using your Gmail. In this article we take you through the various advantages of using Gmail faxing services and through this, you can consider using these services.

No need for fax machine

This is one of the main advantages of using Gmail for receiving and sending your fax messages. Unlike beforefax machine where one had to use a fax machine to send messages, this new technology only needs a Gmail account and accessibility to the internet. Similarly, you will also need to have a fax number which you can obtain easily from the providers.

Gmail faxing services are less costly

As compared to sending fax via the fax machine which was relatively costly, using Gmail to send and receive faxes has been appreciated because it is less costly. On the other hand, the buying of faxing machines, doing repairs and buying the supplementary things like toners makes sending of faxes using the fax machines very costly. To use the Gmail for faxing services, you will only need an online subscription which is paid once, and you enjoy it for one month.

Very flexible

number buttons on fax machineAnother significant advantage of using Gmail for sending and receiving faxes is that you will be able to print out the document or information that you only need. This is unlike the conventional method where once a fax has been sent then you will need to print the whole document because you could not separate the information that is relevant and the one that is irrelevant. Gmail faxing services enables you to preview a document before you can print. This will allow you to print the information that is only important.

Gmail faxing is convenient

Using Gmail to send and receive faxes makes the whole process convenient because you will not necessarily be at your desk to do this. You will be able to access your Gmail from any location on your phone or in some other office or your laptop. Similarly even the storage of these faxes is effortless because you use virtual filling like storing the faxes in the Google drive.…