Countries That Produces iPhones

Pupils using mobilesWe all love having smartphones for various reasons and due to their ability to keep you connected to the world wherever you are at any one time.

Technology advancement has seen so many countries invest heavily in technology as it opens so many opportunities. There are a lot of smartphones in the market today produced by leading firms in technology around the world.

We have iPhones as some of the smartphones in the market, but few people know where they get produced. So, which countries produces iPhones?

Apple is the leading manufacturer of iPhones in the market, and it heavily relies on China-based manufacturers like Foxconn and Pegatron. In the making of an iPhone, it demands a lot of components into making it complete and also the software that makes it run. Apple just uses the two firms to assemble the different component to have its iPhones produced.

When we talk about the production of an iPhone in the market, it’s a whole process that includes the assembling of so many components from all over the globe. Foxconn and Pegatron get some of the components from Inner Mongolia in China. Here they get the rare earth components used to make the iPhones’ screen, speaker, and the glass.

Commonly referred to as the iPhone saga, the complexity of the supply for iPhones’ components shows how Apple juggles itself with the global supply chain. However, Apple has always remained secretive on the various suppliers it uses to get the entire components it uses to produce iPhones.

Following the global chain of supply in the iPhone production, several countries are involved in the production of iPhone. It’s said that the phone is designed in California, USA and assembled in China. It would cost Apple more money if it were to assemble iPhone in the American soil and hence it prefers doing it overseas.

In a nutshell, some of the countries involved in the production of iPhones include the following and the role they play. In the USA, this is where the designing & development takes place. Other activities that get done here include the sourcing of materials, warehousing, and distribution. Other countries involved in the supply of iPhones’ components include China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Dutch, and France. All these countries produce different components used in iPhone production. China is the only one phones2involved with manufacturing. Brazil is also rumored to be getting into the production/ assembling soon.

Though Apple signs contracts with many firms around the world so as to produce the various components used in the production of iPhones, it doesn’t do that so as to save on cost. Apple is forced to do it so as to save on time due to the high demand for the product. The demand has seen Foxconn install robots in its production plant in China to meet the ever-growing demand.

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