Navy Seal Watches: Features and Most Popular

Navy SEALs are probably the most well-known Special Forces group in the world. Retailers have capitalized on the name to try and associate their products with this elite force. One of the key pieces of equipment a SEAL team member relies on is his watch. Which watch brand, however, is the best?

There is not one watch that the SEALs use in every situation. Just like with much of their equipment, many SEALs find certain brands or types of watches more reliable or more suited to their particular needs than others are.

Here are the top three Navy SEAL watches:Navy Seal Watch 04

Luminox, some say, has the bragging rights to manufacturing an “authentic” Navy SEAL watch. Luminox was asked to develop a watch for the SEALs in 1993. Specifically, the Navy wanted a good watch that was easy to use at night. Of course, the watch needed to be a dive watch too. The result has been consistent quality throughout the years and has translated to robust sales in the commercial arena. Luminox watches are durable, function well as designed and extremely rugged.

The Casio G-Shock line of military watches, used by SEALs, Army Special Forces, and others, receives excellent ratings among the Special Forces and civilian communities. They can take a lot of abuse, and their solid black color option makes them very popular with covert forces.

The Seiko Dive watch is a favorite Navy SEAL watch also. Seiko is one of the most popular dive watch brands on the market for a reason. This watch wears well, and the dial is easy to read under just about any conditions. They last almost literally forever. Some SEALs have used them for a decade or more without problems.

Rolex luxury watchMany SEALs swear by the Rolex Submariner line of watches. Rolex is usually thought of in terms of high-end, gold and jewel-encrusted timepiece’s. The quality of their watches is hard to match. The Submariner line is made specifically by Rolex for diving. Solid, heavy, and with a strong clasp to minimize the chance of the watch dropping for your wrist, it is one of the better class of dive watches around. It is very expensive, as you would expect with a watch carrying the Rolex name, but many believe the quality and dependability of the watch makes it worth the cost.

To decide on the best of the Navy SEAL watches read the full review above. All three provide the same rugged quality and reliability that SEAL team members count on in combat. Budget considerations may eliminate the Rolex. Otherwise, you need to go online and check out the various options available in each of the manufacturer’s Navy SEAL watch lines and choose the one that appeals to your personal aesthetic and practical requirements.…

How To Pick The Best Watch To Buy

Watches truly describe your personality. Getting the right timepiece would make a huge difference. This is your opportunity to get the right information on how to buy right timepiece here. A lot of people are undecided on right timepiece they can wear. First, you should understand the various types of watches currently on the market:

Popular types of watches
The popular type is sports watches. These watches are designed to withstand extreme conditions. They can handle sweat, heat, and pilot watches 1pressure. These watches are meant for on-field sports persons. Golf players, tennis players, cricketers, and athletes wear them. The other type is divers watches. They are also known as a marine. These watches have the ability to endure deep water conditions. This explains why they are ideal for deep ocean water diving. You will find them more than just water-resistant.

Pilot watches such as laco watches are designed to assist flight captains and onboard staff on the airplane. These watches offer a lot of information and navigation. Nowadays, these watches are also available to any person who wants to wear them. Dress watches are designed for corporate meetings, daily professional life, and official use. They are elegant, simple, and sophisticated in style. Mechanical watches are technically sounder. They have capabilities to assist engineers and mechanical professionals who are after more than ordinary watches.

Essential Elements
Before you purchase that favorite watch, ensure you understand pilot watches 2nitty gritty of these watches. Ensure you look at various essential elements such as lifestyle, budget, display, features, and brand.

Your lifestyle determines a lot. You need watches and merchandise that suits your lifestyle. For instance, you can not show up in a corporate meeting with a sports watch to meet people in suits. Also, you should know your budget. Otherwise, you will be unable to choose right watch for you. First, decide the amount to speed on these watches and then search for a brand the suits you. A brand is a name that people believes matters. The main reasons why people use brands are status and quality. All these two reasons are worth to consider. Display of watches is either analog or digital. Some watches have both styles.

Lastly, you should consider features of these watches. There are certain features that accept quality. Quality features include solar guidance, tracking, GPS, Alarm, and a heartbeat monitor. In addition, some watches have features found in smartphones.…