The significance of smartphones in modern life

It is no secret that technology has evolved and is still evolving with time. Different gadgets are being invented while the existing ones are being transformed into something more powerful. Technology has become part of our everyday lives because almost everything we use or do is a product of technology. A good example is warming that food in your kitchen or communicating to your loved ones who are far from you. Communication technology is evolving much faster compared to other forms. With the emergence of smartphones, tablets or even laptops you can connect with a lot of people all over the world. They have made this world a global village.

Cell phones have changed a lot since their invention. Gone are the days you would walk miles to that telephonewoman holding phone booth just to make a call. The first mobile phones lacked most features present in today’s smartphones. Most phone users do not know the science behind the working of their phones. One new feature in modern phones as compared to the older ones includes the lack of a physical keyboard which has been replaced by a software keyboard. Smartphones and tablets play a significant role in our modern day lives. Here is how they are of importance to us.


You can derive entertainment from your handsets in many ways. Most of them come with inbuilt music players which play music from your phone’s storage. Their ability to access the internet has enabled many to surf through various online entertainment sites. You can stream the latest music videos online using your mobile device. Several phone applications will provide you with the most recent news in the entertainment scene.


There is a myriad of tasks you can do with your handset. Smart devices can do these jobs with speed almost similar to that of a computer. Phone manufacturers are trying to keep up with the evolution of technology, and that is why they are coming up with phones which bear specifications only found in laptops. Some devices carry storage and processing speeds like that of computers. This makes it efficient to perform different tasks on the same gadget at the same time.


man listening music You can keep in touch with your loved ones in several ways. Calling and texting are some of the conventional methods. Application developers have come up with different online applications where you can chat and make international calls. You are also able to make video calls with various applications. This kind of connectivity has made it easier for people from several parts of the world to communicate.…

The Fastest Hard Drive

hard drivesIs SSD the fastest hard drive?

SSD is a newer type of hard drive that stores data on a special type of flash memory. These drives do not have moving parts like the ones in traditional hard drives.

Not long ago, PC buyers had little choice of what kind of storage they got with their desktop, ultrabook or laptop. A solid-state drive(SSD) would only be found in an ultrabook or an ultraportable as the primary drive. Other desktops and laptops had a hard disk drive(HDD).

Today, you can configure your system with either an SSD or HDD, or both.

Speed is one of the most important factors to consider when buying storage devices for your system. It determines the performance and efficiency of the system. By scrapping the relative sluggishness of moving parts, solid-state drives offer much better performance. If you are looking for the fastest storage option, SSDs are the best.

They not only read and write data quickly, but also access the data much faster than other storage options. Whereas the fastest hard drive can access data in a few milliseconds, solid-state drives can access the same data in a fraction of a millisecond. Some of the fastest hard drives can read and write at about 200mb per second which is less than half of the time taken by the fastest SSDs(can achieve 550mb per second). What is the reason behind this?

SSDs avoid the magnetic platters and read/write heads of other disk drives. Non-volatile NAND flash memory(a type of non-volatile memory technology which does not require power to retain data) is preferred, so there are no magnetic parts or bits involved. Generally, SSDs make for a much sharper, more responsive system that has lightning-fast boot times, file-transfer speeds and application launch times.

Not all flash memory chips match the performance of SSD memory chips. For instance, the flash memory chips in SSDs are different from the ones in USB thumb drives. They are much faster and reliable and this is the reason as to why SSDs are more expensive. Lack of moving parts is also advantageous as it ensures durability of the drive.hard disk

SSDs are best option for savvy PC users who require high performance. It is also a good thought to pair a fast SSD with a high-capacity hard drive to enjoy the best of both worlds. As the SSD holds the OS and the most frequently used applications, The hard drive handles the bulk storage duties.

This way, you will ensure that your system has high performance and there is minimal storage compromise. Whether it is for fun, business or school, the extra speed provided by SSDs implies a YES to our question: Is SSD the fastest hard drive?…

Long Life Battery Laptop


A person who wants to own a laptop for the first time has to make a critical decision.

This critical decision involves weighing all options, comparing all the available laptops in the market and knows which laptop has a long battery life. Knowledge of the best in the market will see the potential owner own a laptop that will give him service for a long period.

This decision will help the owner especially when there is a power blackout and they need to use their laptop for pleasure or business activities.

Topping the list is the Lenovo ThinkPad 450 model with a standby of around fifteen hours and twenty-six minutes. Once the battery is fully charged, it gives service to the user with a strong and speedy Operating System allowing the owner access all applications and the internet very fast. Its latest technology on the Power Bridge allows the user change a battery without switching it off first.

Second on the list is the ThinkPad X250, which is close to the Lenovo with a standby of fifteen hours and a twelve minutes margin. The light weighted laptop has a six-cell battery and this makes portability simple. Most potential buyers prefer it for its weight and longer service in the

Following closely on the two leaders is the Toshiba Portege Z20t. Black in color mostly; the Toshiba sleek design is a smart combination of a tablet and laptop in one. With a standby of fourteen hours and thirty-seven minutes, the machine gives the user service with its multi-touch display.

The MacBook Air comes fourth with a standby of fourteen hours. Its strong Operating system stronger than its predecessors allows the sleek machine become a favorite to laptop owners.

The Asus X205TA gives the user a twelve-hour service of battery life. The machine is cheaper making it affordable to most college students and anyone without much money. It runs on the latest Windows 8.1 and the improved Chromebooks. It makes browsing enjoyable and faster. Its enormous speakers allow the owner enjoy music more.asus laptop

Overall, all laptops have different variations and a customer chooses the type they want depending on how they will use the laptop. Every person will answer the question which laptop has a long battery life as his or her brand. No one admits their brand as the wrong choice of all laptops in the market. Now you know the answer to the question, “Which Laptop has a long battery life?”…