How to find the best electric skateboard

Just like technology, transportation is ever evolving. It started with an electric bicycle, followed by electric car and now the world is admitting the electric skateboard after several falls, fails, and crowd-funding campaigns. Most of the electric skateboards are designed to meet an individual’s casual skate session or just the morning commute. However, they vary from each other when it comes to functionality, range, and the top speed. This article explains the factors to consider on how to find the best electric skateboard.


man playing skateboardBefore an individual goes for a skateboard, he or she should put in mind its use. Admittedly, the best electric skateboard is the one that can do any of the tasks like commuting, fun/carving, or even getting around during weekends. In fact, it should comfortably take one to wherever place regardless of the mileage.

For one to know how to find the best electric skateboard—consider the price

Despite the fact that one should go for a board the will not burst his or her pocket, he or she should also put in mind the quality of an electric skateboard. Apparently, the skate parts that are professionally branded are more expensive, yet they are of high quality. Besides, there is a wide gap between the materials used and the price of the skateboard in the marketplace today.

Support and spare parts

Before purchasing the machine, one should check the warranty duration. Also, one should check to know if the parts are interchangeable and if the wheel and the belt can be replaced easily. Most importantly, the skate-owner should be aware of the type of customer care/support that the company offers if it exists— it should be free and friendly.

The motor wattage

The performance of the board greatly depends on the motor controller parameters and the gear ratios. In fact, the speed and the torque of the electric skateboard are affected when the gear ratios on the engine are adjusted. Frankly, it is important that an individual finds a complete system that will work according to the verifiable and proven performance.

Trigger Remote Control or Thumb

shirtless man playing skateboardWhile selecting the best type of the scheme, a person should know whether he or she will be using a remote control or an index finger. Despite the fact that a thumb can be used to control the board, using trigger remote control is much comfortable and simpler.

In summary, the factors to consider how to find the best electric skateboard are price, motor wattage, customer support, and spare parts. Others include weight, range, performance and whether a pulley motor system or Hub motors, among others. You can click here to see the electronic skateboard reviews.…

How To Choose The Right Electric Skateboard

When selecting an electric skateboard, you need to consider some things. First, you need to decide the major use, whether it is for daily commutes, fun, or getting from one place to another. If you need speed, you should go for the fastest electric skateboard. After this, you need to determine power requirements. If you live in flat areas, you will not need a lot of power. The following are some tips to follow when choosing an electric skateboard. Ensure you always use a helmet.

Tips for choosing an electric skateboard


Batteries are a very important component oman in townf this device. They are the reason for its classification as an electric skateboard. These types of skateboards have been around for quite some time. The first ones were very heavy as a result of batteries. Fortunately, lithium batteries have evolved over time, and their weight has drastically reduced. Other than a lighter and safer board, advancements offer you a broad range.


You should note that the difference in these skateboards is similar to that of cars. There are boards you get from A to Z, which offer you great pleasure to ride. Look into trucks and wheels and ask how the board is going to perform without power. Thus, the trucks and wheels are very important to overall ride performance.


This is not the most important factor when it comes to selecting a skateboard. In this case, it is like comparing apples to apples. You will realize that lead acid is less expensive as compared to lithium ones. Currently, there is a huge gap in electric skateboard market as far as materials and price are concerned. Remember that you get what you pay for. It is advisable to carry out extensive research and read reviews of various brands before buying one.


Every skatskateboardeboard uses longboard wheels. These are designed to let you travel over rough pavements and cracks. However, as per commuting standards, they fail to provide a smoother ride as compared to a bike. They have a durometer that tells you the type of ride you can expect from it. Bigger wheels mean a smooth ride.


Going down the hills is never easy. In fact, braking requires a lot of skill and expertise. If you ride through a crowd, your device should offer you emergency braking and more speed control. The good thing with an electric skateboard is that it helps you keep up with the traffic. Also, if you riding in high temperatures, it helps you get to where you are cooled.…